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Andy Studio is a photography studio. We provide documentaries to newspapers around the world. We do wedding photography in Penang, Malaysia, and around.
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Andy Studio is born on November, 8th, 2008.

Andy Studio is two passionate photographers, Alexandre, from France, and Day Yann, from Malaysia. Both of us perform in photography for years.

Day Yann started to develop her passion in photography when she was an undergraduate student in Scotland. The magnificent scenery there were simply the best subject for her to practice photography.

Since then, she never fail to share her wonderful travel experience via her pictures that mainly focus on landscape, culture and people.

Her backpacking travel and voluntary work experiences at overseas enable her to see a country in a much different aspects that make her pictures different from others.

Her enthusiastic in photography also makes her explores various creative photography techniques, and never stop in trying to improve her skill.

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Alexandre has a long story history with photography.

Very young, before 10, he began to travel and was amazed to take travel pictures. Later, after attended the oldest journalist school in France (Ecole Superieure de Journalisme de Paris), he worked in different newspapers around Paris as a photographer journalist.During that time, he also performed as wedding photographer in some very important weddings for families of French politicians, and continue doing travel photography.

In early 2008, passionated by traveling and discovering people around the world and their culture, he decided to leave France to travel around the world by the road. As usual, all along his travel, he never missed a moment to use his camera. From France to Malaysia, he immortalizes the life of a lot of people he met in his road, through his photography.

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