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New skin for andy

Monday, August 16th, 2010

As you can notice, we just implement a new skin for our blog.

We had some bugs with the previous one, especially to display the categories.

This skin is from the website SLR LOUNGE.

I wanted to pay a tribute to them.

This website, for photographers, provides photography tips, tutorials and free WordPress themes for photographers.

The themes are free, as i said, but they provide all the informations to  install them and do the set up, even videos, and a forum.

This is really a “commercial level’ service, but it’s free.

I invite you to discover this wonderful website.


Wedding of Dominic+Clarice, 10th July 2010

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

It all started from a casual lunch meet up when we happened to asked Charice about her wedding preparation, and Hong Ann just said “Why don’t you get AnDY Studio as your photographers?”…

It was our first experience to take photos of church wedding ceremony in Penang. The lighting conditions and structure of the hall impose many difficulties. We were worried, yet excited to face all these new challenges.

It started around noon time on the wedding day, when we separately covered the preparation work of Dominic and Clarice at the hotel and her house respectively.

                   034_MG_8381 138_DSC_2570

It followed by the most challenging part of the day, the church ceremony. On top of the complexity of lighting conditions, we also had to be fast and precise as we didn’t want to miss any important moments, and had to get a good shooting angle. Bare in mind that we were not alone… there were at least another half a dozen of videographers and photographers who had the same objectives as us, at the same time. :)

                    _MG_8645 080_MG_8794


It was nearly 5pm at the end of the joyous church ceremony. We rushed to the hotel, managed to squeeze some time to recharge both our gadgets and ourselves. We covered the  tea ceremony right before the dinner which started at 7pm.



The day ended around midnight. We were very much exhausted, yet glad to be part of this big day. And finally, we had time to have some nice chat with the newly wed couple, and some guests who stayed back a bit longer.

After that, were days of hard work in pictures selection and processing. We had lots of discussion (of course arguments too!), but most importantly, we learnt a lot through this process. These definitely help to improve our skills. For a quick glance of our overall work for the day, do check-out our slideshow below.

Last but not least, thanks to Dominic and Clarice who have trusted us for this big day of their life. We also received a lovely thank you card from them with bilingual (French & Chinese) wishes in it. Thank you so much, and may faith and true love be always in your marriage!


~~ dy


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